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SRT-SD604-40*0.2W LED GX53,GX53,LED GX53 Cabinet Light

LED GX53,GX53,LED GX53 Cabinet Light
  • SRT-SD604-40*0.2W LED GX53,GX53,LED GX53 Cabinet Light
Basic parameters
  • Model:SRT-SD604
  • Power:9 W
  • Input Voltage:AC 100-240 V
  • Operating Voltage:DC 25.6-27.2 V
  • Input Power:9 W
  • Operating Current:300 mA
  • Power Factor:≥0.53
  • Number of lamp:40 PCS
  • Angle:120°
  • Lumens : 810-952 LM
  • Net weight:0.16 KG
  • Patent No. : ZL 2010 2 0534144.2
  • Detailed
  • Scope
  • Alternative
  • Warm White : 3000-3500 K
  • White : 6000-6500 K
  • Efficiency : 80LM/W
  • Format : GX53
  • Size : Ф 74x32 mm(L)
  • CRI : >80
  • Chip Type : EPISTAR
  • Material : Die-casting AL+Spray Oil
Suitable for indoor lighting, such as shop's display cabinets, hotel, and office building deco, home decoration, KTV, hotel, restaurant, wine cabinet, wardrobe, exhibition cabinet etc.
Alternative to metal halide lamps, sodium lamps, mercury lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy saving lamps, incandescent light source
This product is a patented product,protected patents,mimics must be punished
1.GX53 is a new decorative lighting. It is designed to compensate the ordinary energy-saving lamps for their high temperature, high power, short life, poor start effectivity and etc.
2. Lamps are with high quality LED, energy saving and environment friendly.
3. GX53 LED light cabinet light is zero flicker, no glare, light in a wide area, uniformed, soft light, smooth and ideal green light.
4. Main auxiliary cabinet lighting.