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  • SRT-T8-18W
Basic parameters
  • Model:SRT-T8-18W
  • Power:18W
  • Input Voltage:AC85-265V
  • Operating Voltage:DC36-41V
  • Input Power:18W
  • Operating Current:420mA
  • Power Factor:≥0.95
  • Number of lamp:168 PCS
  • Angle:160°
  • Lumens : 1710LM
  • Net weight:280G
  • Detailed
  • Scope
  • Alternative
  • Warm White : 3000-3500 K
  • White : 6000-6500 K
  • Efficiency : 95LM/W
  • Format : T8
  • Size : T8/1212mm
  • CRI : >80
  • Chip Type : SMD2835
  • Material : PC
Office lighting, factory lighting, library lighting, underground lighting, shop lighting, commercial lighting, hotel lighting and so on.
Alternative to ordinary T8 lamps.
This product is a patented product,protected patents,mimics must be punished
1.LED fluorescent lamp without the use of mercury, and contains no lead inside,the traditional fluorescent lamps contain a lot of mercury vapor, such a broken lamps, mercury vapor will evaporate into the atmosphere, thus polluting the environment, while the LED lamp can be very well protected environment, is recognized as one of the green light.
2.LED fluorescent lamp is cold light source, unlike traditional lamps, emitting a lot of heat. It is basically able to convert all electrical energy into light energy, will not cause a waste of energy, very economical.
3.LED fluorescent lamp is a very quiet energy-saving lamps, does not make any noise like the traditional fluorescent lamp, very suitable for quiet environment, such as library, office. Can also be very good eye protection, start very fast, not flicker, very good for our health.
4. Because the lamps and lanterns of LED fluorescent lamp is green, it will not produce ultraviolet and infrared radiation, no mercury and other harmful substances, calorific value, less well to avoid the mosquitoes around next to the light source,creating a relatively clean environment.