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SENRUITE LED Warranty Service System (quality guarantee)

1. Products of the "three guarantees" means:
 Repair: If you find performance problems, free testing, commissioning, repair.
 OZ: odd days from the date of sale, performance failure occurs, consumers are willing to repair replacement who must not affect the consumer in appearance lossless case can be exchanged.
 Refunding: odd days from the date of sale, performance failure occurs, consumers who do not want to repair exchange must not affect the consumer in the appearance of non-destructive situations can return.

 2. Warranty returns this Article explains the specific content of the provisions of the pre-sale, sale of specific ranges. The rules for mandatory maintenance period and the maintenance of the contents were defined. Conditions on the warranty procedures, repair content, services, processes were elaborated.

 3. Responsibilities: Technical Services Department is to perform technical services department with overall responsibility for the special maintenance station with service-related training, mentoring, technical service maintenance department has overall responsibility for the "three guarantees" technical services, quality information collection, collation, guidance and oversee the maintenance department's work.

 Depreciation calculated from the date of invoice until return of the date, which shall be deducted occupancy and repair time for repairs. For as consumers use, maintenance, damage caused by improper storage, non-commitment to the three split mender damage, no warranty card and valid invoice, warranty and repair model models inconsistent with or altered, in a non- resist damage caused by force not to implement three, but the repair charges may apply. In summary, your purchase within seven days if the quality or performance issues, you certainly have the right to request a return, if not the quality or performance problems, unless there is commitment to your businesses have the power to request a return. "Three Guarantees", consumers transact with invoices and warranty card Warranty, Warranty is valid from the date of invoice, net of occupation because of repairs, spare parts for repair of the time;
Since the products within 7 days from the date of sale, performance failure occurs, consumers can choose to return, replacement or repair;
Since the products within 15 days from the date of sale, performance failure occurs, consumers can choose a replacement or repair repair; within the warranty period, repairs twice, and still can not properly use the product, with repair repair records and proof provided, the seller is responsible for the consumer free exchange of the same model with the specifications of the product or return according to relevant regulations.

Qualified products sold in the implementation of repair, replacement, return the "Three Guarantees" service.
Repairs: products sold in high-end product warranty period is two years, low-grade product warranty for one year. Year warranty, free materials, man-hours, transportation and other services.
Replacement: 180 days after the purchase, the same general repairable product quality problems occur, after two repair failed to meet quality standards qualified to be replaced, the replacement products must be qualified, replacement of the product warranty period from the replacement date of recalculation.
Returns: 90 days after purchase, the same product occurs endanger consumer health and safety, hazardous substances exceeding other serious quality problems; or general quality issues after two repair, replacement, still can not meet the eligibility standards of quality; or within an agreed period can not exchange within the; or have examined is unqualified; or contract has promised returns, refunds be returned. Return, once the original purchase price of repaying the loan.