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SRT-CD008 LED Rider Light,LED Car Strip Lights

LED Rider Light,LED Car Strip Lights
  • SRT-CD008 LED Rider Light,LED Car Strip Lights
Basic parameters
  • Model:SRT-CD008
  • Power:9.6 W
  • Input Voltage:AC 12 V
  • Operating Voltage:DC 12 V
  • Input Power:9.6 W
  • Operating Current:300 mA
  • Power Factor:>0.95
  • Number of lamp:54 PCS
  • Angle:180°
  • Lumens : LM
  • Net weight:0.35 KG
  • Detailed
  • Scope
  • Alternative
  • Warm White : K
  • White : K
  • Efficiency : LM/W
  • Format : Wiring
  • Size : Ф 560*19 mm(L)
  • Chip Type : 5050
  • Material : PVC
car grille
Replacement of the waterproof led soft strip lamp, waterproof better and longer life. Product Description
This product is a patented product,protected patents,mimics must be punished
Characteristic :
1. More than 12 modes of scanning,reinforced effect of tail-dragging and flashing and adjustable scanning speed
2. Power cut-off memory(it will revert to the mode where the power in cut off),the modes go automatically in turn
3. Use 5050 SMD super LEDs,power efferent and long lifespan
4. Environmental friendly pvc channel is used with 56cm in length and 19cm in width. Temperature resistent, waterproof, shock-proof and anti-corrosion
5.Easy installation, there is no damage to the current circuit system wiring
The red and black wires are connected to the positive and negative respectively(for 12v cars)
The yellow wires is connected to the card braking will flash violently for warning when putting on the brakes whatever-ode it is in
The green and blue wires are connected to the indicator circuit.the related indacation will be shown.