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LED lamps Frequently Asked Questions

Time: 2013-06-22 17:17:31     Copyfrom: Senruite LED Lighting
1, LED running a dimmed, is the current flowing through the switching power supply due to excessive lead, lead can check whether the sum exceeds current switching power supply output current value. If so, you should replace the power supply leads.
2, LED just energized very bright, after some time suddenly does not shine or brightness decay, you can check the power switch is correct.
3, if there is no problem, check the switching power supply input voltage is 220V high or low if the LED brightness: check the switching power supply input voltage and output voltage is normal. If voltage is high, it will cause the LED burn; if the voltage is low, it will cause the LED does not light or brightness attenuation. Such as user location voltage is very unstable, may recommend that users install the regulator.