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SRT-SD815A-15W LED Garden light,Garden lamp,Corn lights,Street LED light

LED Lighting,LED Corn,Garden Led lamp
  • SRT-SD815A-15W LED Garden light,Garden lamp,Corn lights,Street LED light
Basic parameters
  • Model:SRT-SD815A
  • Power:15 W
  • Input Voltage:AC 100-305 V
  • Operating Voltage:DC 18-21 V
  • Input Power:15 W
  • Operating Current:620-650 mA
  • Power Factor:>0.9
  • Number of lamp:12 PCS
  • Angle:360°
  • Net weight:0.48 KG
  • Detailed
  • Scope
  • Alternative
  • Warm White : 3000-3500 K
  • White : 6000-6500 K
  • Efficiency : Epistar:110-120LM/W
  • Format : E27 E26
  • Size : Ф 90*162 mm(L)
  • CRI : >80
  • Chip Type : Epistar
  • Material : Aluminum Alloy and PC
1.Used in the street, park, plaza, garden landscape, courtyard, mines, ships, machine tools, hotels lighting project 
2.Used for solar and wind-powered lighting
Replacement of the incandescent lamp, metal halogen lamp, mercury lamp, incandescent lamp,tube fluorescent lamps, energy saving lamps, HPS, tungsten filament light source! Without changing the original base.
This product is a patented product,protected patents,mimics must be punished
1. Energy efficiency:  In the same brightness, LED lamp consumes 1kw/h electricity for 100hrs, but the same electricity only supports incandescent lamp 17hrs and ordinary energy-saving lamp 100 hours.
2. Long lifespan: In theory LED lamps lifespan is up to 100,000 hours, but the incandescent lifespan about 1,000 hours.
3. Healthy light: No ultraviolet and infrared light, no radiation, no pollution. But the ordinary energy saving lamps and the incandescent light are the opposite.
4. Green environment: No mercury and lead toxic elements, conducive to recovery and use, and will not cause electromagnetic interference. But the ordinary saving tubes contain mercury and lead toxic elements, and the ordinary energy-saving lamps' electronic ballasts will cause electromagnetic interference.
5. Vision protection: Use DC driver, no stroboscopic, but ordinary energy saving lamps are AC drive, it will cause strobe and if long time will hurt eyes. So,if you buy LED lamps will protect your eyes,especially for the children, young people .
6. Light efficiency:  Better heat dissipating, 90% of the electrical energy transfers into visible light, but only 20% for the ordinary incandescent, and the rest 80% become heat, which is totally a dramatic waste of energy.
7. Safety factor: Lower voltage, less current , less heat, no security risks, can be used to the mines and other dangerous places.
8. Larger cooling area : According to per watt need the cooling area to design,better heat dissipation, thus use the  lamp have more longer lifespan .
9. No high pressure, no suction dust, can avoid bringing too much dust affect shade light radiation.
10. Temperature compensation constant current technology design: No brightness delay, lighting can reach normal brightness.
11. System integration design (heat sink is the lamp shell): Ensure LED's use lifespan and heat dissipation requirements , better quality, low price.