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LED Street Lights Used in shanghai and Around The World!

Having regard to the prospects of small power LED tube is not great, here I will explain the use of high-power LED tube 1W-3W and above LED flood light assembly;

  • First, the basic definition: LED Spotlights called lights, spotlights, floodlights, etc., mainly used for architectural lighting, its appearance also have a well-rounded, because generally have to consider the heat the reason, therefore its shape with the traditional flood lightthere are some differences.
  • Second, the basic parameters: the current market commonly used LED flood light is basically a choice of 1W high power LED tube will each made of PMMA with a high efficiency lens, and its main function is to issue secondary distribution LED tube light, there are a few companies because cooling technology handled well, and use the power of 3W LED tube even higher, at present, I've learned about 1W, 3W, 8W, 12W, 18W, 36W, such as several forms of power, because one had to take into account the heat factor, and therefore each high power LED flood light will be equipped with an aluminum heat sink is typically the size, heat sink LED tube power depends on the size, it more or less to the LED projector light exterior design brings a little inconvenience throughout the industry, affected by the price, the luminous efficiency and universal recognition and other factors, high power LED flood light is applied and not too broad, but this situation is slowly changing, the country has a lot of projects (such as the Pearl River lighting, lighting engineering, Xiamen Zhongshan Road) application of high-power LED flood light;

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