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SRT-CD004 LED Car Strip Lights,LED Under Car Kits

LED Car Strip Lights,LED Under Car Kits
  • SRT-CD004 LED Car Strip Lights,LED Under Car Kits
Basic parameters
  • Model:SRT-CD004
  • Power:6 W
  • Input Voltage:AC 12 V
  • Operating Voltage:DC 12 V
  • Input Power:6 W
  • Operating Current:300 mA
  • Power Factor:>0.95
  • Number of lamp:252 PCS
  • Angle:180°
  • Lumens : LM
  • Net weight:1.1 KG
  • Detailed
  • Scope
  • Alternative
  • Warm White : K
  • White : K
  • Efficiency : LM/W
  • Format : Wiring
  • Size : Ф 120*2+90*2 mm(L)
  • Chip Type : F5
  • Material : Black flexible PVC
Bottom of the car
Replacement the waterproof led soft strip lamp, waterproof better and longer life.
This product is a patented product,protected patents,mimics must be punished


Length: 2*90CM+2*120CM/set  /  2*60CM+2*120CM/set  / 2*60CM+2*90CM/set;

Width: 1.2cm;

Voltage: DC12(24V is available);

Color: RGB;

LEDs Specification:F5(5mm LED);

Material: black and flexible PVC ;

Light Source: Super bright plug LED can be controlled to chang different color manually by remote control (one controller with one remote may control one strip or two strips or four strips);


1. Lift the car with the elevator platform;

2. Find the place you want to install,usually 4 LED strips is enough around the car.Cleaning up where to install;

3. Drill a hole at the chassis along with near to location of Strips to be installed at 20-25CM intervals ,if Led Strips cann’t be ties with Cable ties at the location where to install Strips;

4. Fix the Strips on the chassis with cable ties after holes drilled;

5. The power wire access can be 12V Car power supply when installing. It can be controlled directly with our wireless remote controller to  be light on and off.

6. Lighting Test;

7. Installation completed;

8. 18LEDs/30CM.

★Control modes:
   (1) button ON and OFF
   (2) mode button
1. RGB full cycle 30 seconds  2.RGB full cycle 15 seconds   3.RGB full cycle  7seconds    4.Red ON     5.Green ON      6.Blue ON     7.Red/Green ON     8.Green/Blue ON     9.Blue/Red ON      10.Blue/Green ON  2.Red/Green/Blue ON