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Why do some leds ridiculously low price? (learn more)

Time: 2015-04-03 09:52:28     Copyfrom: Senruite LED Lighting
Why do some leds ridiculously low price? (learn more)

What are the characteristics of a Chinese LED lights market? 
The first is the price, the second is the price, 
the third is price. As for the technical parameters, 
service life, the warranty period, god horses are 
floating clouds.
Buyers can choose cheap LED lights, but buyers don't 
want to think so cheap LED lights have factory can make 
to accord with the quality of product? , after all, you 
can't let (LED manufacturer here in the most typical LED 
bulbs and LED ceiling lamp, for example illustrates its 
Those cheap LED ceiling lamp is how to make? LED lamps and 
lanterns cost mainly has three - light beads, shell, drive 
power, to get the lowest price do so only in these three
 aspects to do invest.

Lights - zhongshan guzhen domestic 1 w lights are sold 2 
cents, why two cents dare to sell? Lamp bead inside using 
copper instead of gold wire, other raw materials using 
inferior material substitution, the consumer can't detect, 
and nominal 1 W, but with testing equipment can be only 0.5 
W, and consumers are generally not to test.
Shell, aluminum or plastic in some corner, cost $1 to $3.
Drive power - bad drivers in the market now are sold to more 
than 1 piece, and even lower, do the manufacturer of LED 
lights I don't know how many failures, and those who do 
inferior driven businesses for profit irresponsible, but
 don't know how much money.
So calculate down, a 3 w LED ceiling lamp is three lamp 
bead + a shell, a driver with respect to OK, we'll work it 
out the cost of the intermediate goods: lamp bead (2 yuan) +
 shell (3) + driver ($2.8) + artificial (1 yuan) + 
packaging ($0.5) + other (1) = 10.3 yuan.
Businessmen to make money, do not profitable business is 
no one! And management costs, inventory costs and development 
costs, and so on, and business extraction by about 5%. 
You think about it, less than 10 yuan sold 3 w LED ceiling 
lamp is qualified products? As for high grade 3 w LED lamp 
reasonable price: lamp bead ($6) + shell (5 yuan) + inner 
shell (2) + driver (5 yuan) + artificial (1 yuan) +
 packing (1) + (1 yuan) = 21 yuan, other is > 21 yuan LED to 
shoot the light is normal and reasonable price!

So, how to choose a good LED lamps and lanterns? The 
following reference:
1, LED brightness is different, the price is different. 
Used for LED lamps and lanterns, the LED should be suitable 
for laser level Ⅰ class standard.
2, antistatic ability of LED, long life, so price is high. 
Antistatic usually greater than 700 v LED can be used in the 
LED lighting.
3, wavelength consistent LED, color is consistent, if request 
the same color, the price is high. Not the manufacturer of 
the LED light color separation instrument is not easy to 
produce color purity of the product.
4, leakage current, the LED is a one-way conductive lights,
 if there is a reverse current, is called the leakage, 
leakage current big LED, short service life, low price.
5, light Angle, use different LED light Angle is different. 
Specific light Angle the price is higher.
6, different life, quality is the key to life, life is 
decided by droop. Droop small, long service life, the price 
is high.
7, chips, LED lights for chip, different chip, price 
difference is very big. Chip is more expensive, Japan, 
the United States generally Taiwan chip prices lower than 
Japan, the United States, domestic minimum.
8, colloid, ordinary LED colloid for epoxy resin, the LED 
with uv radiation and fire retardant added more expensive, 
high quality outdoor LED lighting should be uv and fire 
In healthy ways, using non-toxic materials design products 
price is higher, especially the indoor LED lighting, 
don't keen on gaining petty advantages to choose LED 
lighting is faulty. Now is only a small number of LED 
manufacturers with non-toxic materials production, 
can directly use the nose to smell, smelly products 
price is much lower than no bad smell, it contains 
excessive amounts of toxins such as lead, mercury, 
cadmium. Look from the applicable environmental 
security, have reliable dustproof moistureproof design,
 materials, fire prevention, prevent ultraviolet ray,
 prevent cold cracking of LED products price is high.

As for the LED bulbs are similar, just for the key drive 
power supply, the low-end products (including some major 
brands) using resistance capacity step-down, resistance 
capacitance step-down works is: 400 v AC 220 v input - 
CBB step-down capacitance j - 105 full bridge rectifier, 
internal packaging according to four diode bridge type
 full-wave rectifier circuit connection and the form of 
encapsulation, voltage regulator tube, filter capacitance 
(parallel) - output, internal with two 474 and 510.
This way is more extensive, peak voltage than stabilivolt 
and withstand voltage value of the capacitance, it is easy 
to breakdown, could lead to electrical fire, to give users
 a huge hidden trouble. Is the news on the consumers to 
buy the cheap LED lamp exploded, LED lamp blown apart, 
people who bought too cheap LED lights is equal to the 
buy a ticking time bomb in the home, the best for your 
family's life and property safety put the lights off.