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The obstacles of OLED display

Time: 2015-04-15 15:18:13     Copyfrom: Senruite LED Lighting

Recently, the OLED is very hot technology, and the most significant features for OLED display panel are ultra-thin, can be bent, or even be folded. Now not only the mobile phones, televisions used OLED display, it also applied on a variety of wearable electronic products emerged recently. Which makes the OLED prospects is unanimously optimistic, seems “OLED era” which have been developed for 4-5 years is in close proximity.

In fact, by now OLED panel is the game between Japanese and Korean camps, because the first flat panel displays, including plasma PDP, LCD panel, and LED panel are all start by the Japanese camps; then the followed and improved by Korean companies. OLED panel is one of the core competitiveness for future leading chain product lines.

From the global market report since last year, the television market is generally not satisfactory, the demand and sales both dropped. TV manufacturers hope to rebound television market through the screen and function improvements, so introduce 3D, 4K, and OLED TV.

However, the industry report shows, OLED pass rate only about 1%, not more than 2%, so such a low rate means that manufacturers have to pay high cost, finally cause very high price. This brings hesitant attitude to OLED manufacturers. The real “OLED era” not comes smoothly as we expected.

Another big obstacle is the OLED industrial chain is not mature enough, the imaging circuit and information transfer technology also other supporting industries for OLED require higher levels, but the recent OLED chip and relative accessories still far from the required standard.

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