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LED street light price is subject to which two factors
Time: 2015-04-17 14:52:22     Copyfrom: Senruite LED Lighting

LED street light price is subject to which two factors

Many customers complain to us, also a LED lamps and lanterns,
 how do I get offer differ so big? I heard this sentence, 
I don't know what to say
Good, LED lamps and lanterns of the phenomenon of huge 
price differences which is used in the industry, although 
the cost of the lamps and lanterns of LED street light tend 
to be more transparent, but due to its sales channel
Way, the cause of the product brand, all kinds of LED street 
lamps and lanterns of uneven quotation.
LED street light price is subject to two main factors
First, the LED street lamps and lanterns price subject to the 
quality of the product and brand. Also a lamps and lanterns, 
the philips at least 30% more expensive than normal brand, 
it is
Is the power of the brand, brand means the quality of the 
products, means that the value of the product. It contains 
30% of the premium brand added value, such as product design,
And a few small manufacturers blindly imitate, do not need to
 undertake the design, research and development and testing 
costs, low price, of course. Low price of LED street light 
not only in the lighting effect
If it reaches to the requirement of less than authentic, and 
prevent the street lamp without test processing, lamp holder 
is easy to bad.
Second, the LED street light price is subject to the sales 
channels. , LED street lamp belongs to building materials 
products to use on the project, so this kind of product is 
not good to set up stores,
Most dealers on a commission basis. And dealers had pricing 
power, on the basis of the LED street lamp manufacturers at 
a disadvantage, dealers for the parts of the world
Pricing standard for the same product is not regulated, and 
regional price of lamps and lanterns is not unified, for the
 LED street lamps and lanterns of the brand.
But not high price of lamps and lanterns are the product of
 violence. Itself of lamps and lanterns is personalized
 products, and fashion trends change fast, after developing 
a product, manufacturers also
Not sure about whether style sells, usually does not lead 
to mass production. Dealers worry backlog on the other hand, 
are less bulk cargo, combined with the production of lamps 
and lanterns
Material diversity, with research and development costs, 
unable to realize batch order and production, cost is high. 
Also need by the lamps and lanterns of after-sales service
Pin, provide the high-quality service also need to cost, 
if the price is too low, service quality is relatively not