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Quality is the first lifeline of LED lighting industry

Time: 2015-04-23 10:25:27     Copyfrom: Senruite LED Lighting
Quality is the first lifeline of LED lighting industry

As the LED lighting technology, and constantly improve the 
light efficiency, LED lighting products gradually into 
people's lives. However the quality of the product still 
"staged" in succession and security, serious harm the 
interests of the consumer and lead to decrease of consumer 
confidence in LED lighting products, is not conducive to the 
healthy development of industry.
LED lighting products quality and safety issues in focus
Recently, the LED and Ambient lighting manufacturing of 
philips LED the two brands is equivalent to 60 w leds due 
to electrical conductor may lead to the user in the room 
were recalled to get an electric shock risk. Affected 
products mainly in October 2012 to May 2013 points. Retail 
including home depot, amazon and major electrical 
distributors. This alert enterprise constantly improve 
the product research and development and production 
management level, provide comfortable security lighting 
products for consumers.
In addition, it is reported that the European Union has 
warned China fifth: LED lights cup insulation problem exists
 high risk. It is understood that in the first half of this
 year, ningbo accumulative total exports to the eu region 
LED lights cup value up to $20.3 million, compared with last 
year jumped by 125% over the same period last year. But at 
the same time, since this year the eu RAPEX total of 
notifying the LED lights cup products made in China has 
reached five times, and the statistical data of laboratory 
from ningbo electrical safety monitoring center, in the 
first half of this year, a total of 52 for LED lights cup 
product safety test, insulation monitoring is not the percent 
of pass is up to 40%.
Why the product quality and safety problems appear frequently?
The quality problem of the LED lamps and lanterns, 
technology, research and development and patent issues such 
as the first heavy door is a small business. Product 
homogeneity, quality closes nevertheless, have to at a low 
price to competition, a large number of low-priced shipment
 return phenomenon is serious. In general, the quality and 
safety problems appear frequently for three reasons: one, 
industry threshold is low, the production enterprise quality 
is uneven. Second, the fierce market competition for some 
enterprises in order to take the market at a lower price, 
to give up to control the quality of the bottom line. Three, 
part of the enterprise quality management system, a line of 
assembly staff liquidity is bigger, lead to no effective 
guarantee the stability of product quality and consistency.
Attention to buy LED products
Consumers to formal channels to buy best trustworthy brand 
products of the enterprise. To check the goods carefully when 
buy a sign of whether there is a clear and durable; Name and 
address of manufacturer, product model, product main 
technical parameters, trademark, and the date of manufacture
and product number, standards, quality inspection marks or 
other product information is complete; The electricity 
inspection, check to see if the product can work normally. 
In addition, consumers had better choose 3 c authentication 
products, and view the product certification mark, 
certification coding and warning marks such as certification 
Conclusion: the product compare to the "foundation" of the 
high-rise buildings, if the product quality and safety 
problems, sooner or later, then the building collapsed. 
Especially in the face of increasing competitive LED lighting 
industry, the enterprise needs to make LED lighting products,
 with high quality products to win market and customers,
 forging brand lighting industry.