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First, the industry outlook
China's electricity market is a sleepy market, according to industry statistics, it has a huge market share of the hundreds of billions, who can wake up this market, who will receive immeasurable returns.
China is the world's lowest per capita energy to maintain one of the countries, but also the power gap to 2010, rising to 15%; and China's energy utilization efficiency is only about 30%, lower than in developed countries about 10 percent, energy output than the world average of two times, it is more than 10 times in Germany as the world's one of the highest energy output. In great contrast between the energy that we are left with a huge opportunity.
China only saving this one, the potential for at least a year up to 100 billion yuan, not including equipment longevity and environmental aspects of additional benefits.
Second, the state encourages:
Energy is the last one industry conditions, energy development and control has become a worldwide issue, the total amount of energy is limited, in addition to the development of alternative resources, energy saving can only be possible; Meanwhile, energy consumption is a major source of environmental pollution, energy security has become related to the national economy, the international market competitiveness, resource conservation and environmental protection, sustainable social and economic development of the major issues.
       Energy is the most widely used as a way of energy, but also energy consumption in the most important part, so the key is energy saving. China is facing chronic power shortages and tensions, the demand for power control is particularly urgent. Because the current thermal power accounted for 81% of China's power, thermal power is the raw material coal, but China has the largest coal producer and consumer countries into the importing country, the cost of electricity will therefore continue to rise.
In addition, energy-saving environmental effects are quite obvious, every 4.5 kWh of electricity to consume one kg of diesel, the visible and the ensuing waste of electricity is environmental pollution. Visible, either from short-term economic benefits or from long-term national energy and environmental impacts, energy is essential, and it has become a national priority and will continue to encourage and support areas, and efforts will be growing .
Third, the market potential is huge:
The only countries to encourage and support, not enough to become a true gold industry. Energy industry, the huge market potential and to become a full commercial value of gold fields. First, the overall potential benefits from the energy, its benefits are obvious. National income per ten thousand U.S. dollars China's current energy consumption of 20.5 tons of standard coal, 10 times that of Germany, has great potential for reducing energy consumption. While China's current per capita consumption of about 1100 degrees, only the world average consumption of 1/3, and Chinese consumption at an average annual growth rate of 5%: 1990 Chinese power generation capacity of 621.2 billion degrees, 2001 to increase to 1.433 trillion degrees, 10 years more than doubled, according to the speed and the current production and sales, in 2003 electricity use should be close to 1.6 trillion degrees, then 2020 will reach 3.37 trillion degrees, so the growing base envoys electrical efficiency will gradually increase; at current levels, China energy-saving 1% each, equivalent to 8.0 billion revenue (at an average of 0.5 yuan terms), while the energy-efficient products current average saving rate of 10%, then China is expected to at least 800 billion annually saving potential, while also saving significant reduction in pollution.
Fourth, the market demand:
       Secondly, the demand from the market perspective, the importance of businesses or other organizations to promote energy conservation and demand is the direct driving force of industrial development. First, the electricity costs for businesses four biggest cost is usually one; Second, for most companies, electricity companies control spending is not the last one cost. Traditional values, electricity costs are part of the cost, so the pressure is not controlled directly, no need to be considered separately, but this is the wrong concept, in addition to material costs and labor costs, electricity costs, which is usually the third largest expense . Conventional wisdom is that electricity can not be controlled, but the actual situation is due to the previous technological backwardness, the traditional energy-saving equipment and instruments have been far not keep up with the current power system upgrading and new equipment brought by the use of energy-saving requirements.
Urgent need of energy efficiency energy efficiency industry, new products and technologies. Our energy efficiency industry developed rapidly, both the technology and products are rapidly catching up to the foreign level. Based on energy-saving technology is now changing, controlling electricity costs entirely possible. That is to say, from a cost point of energy saving directly improve their market competitiveness.
In China, for hotels, supermarkets and shopping malls, the electricity costs of raw materials and labor costs has become the third largest expenditure while electricity consumption has always been a city of lights big power, according to the April 1999 meeting of the national road in Nanjing Lighting figures obtained at the annual meeting, the national rural road lighting total number of 3,000,000, with ports, highways and other places a total of about 400 million. And by 2004, the country will be the total number of lamps and lighting lamps more than 15 million. Market with a 250W HPS do the calculation based on energy-saving rate of 25%, each bulb can save electricity 211.2 yuan per year, 15 million light festivals electricity bill of around 3.2 billion. Street light electricity and routine maintenance costs are a major government expenditure, so the application to build a power-saving lamps energy-saving products down negative street lighting system will be more by the government, especially the importance of the financial sector.
Fifth, government support:
Government to promote the role should not be overlooked, after all, the current government can also directly or indirectly affect a considerable number of enterprises, and these enterprises are important power-hungry, such as iron and steel, petroleum enterprises, state-owned enterprises led government performance evaluation standards envoys electrical products in the application of state-owned enterprises decreased resistance is not small, because of how much energy cost savings, especially state-owned enterprises led the government evaluate the important parameters. Elsewhere in the country, the government also did not dare put energy as an important work to go forward. These can greatly reduce the difficulty of marketing energy companies.
Six, the industry is growing:
Throughout the history of the development of other industries, selection growing in the industry most of the enterprises to get into a good development, because in the market prior to cultivate enterprise to invest too much money and can not sustain further development, enterprise after another because of excessive competition Can not get enough profit. Currently, electricity is in a growing industry, on the one hand can be removed at this time to enter the market fostered high investment, high profit industry on the one hand, you can quickly accumulate wealth.
As can be seen from the above points, a realistic energy market is presented, both macroeconomic policies, market demand, consumer attitudes, or technical, cost, energy-saving industry environment are to join the industry with the most powerful guarantee for any a savvy investor will not miss this one of the best investment opportunities.